BAIC Group Awarded "China's Best Employer of the Year" for Seven Consecutive Years, Among Top 10 of 2017

Created at:2017-12-16

BAIC Group Listed in Top 10 of "China's Best Employer of the Year" 

On December 7, the "Digital Driven, Intelligent Future”— 2017 China's Best Employer Annual Award Ceremony and Human Resources International Management Forum was held in Hangzhou. This year, at the event, which is called the "Annual Academy Awards" of China's human resources community, BAIC Group stood out from 17,554 qualified participating companies and won the title of "China's Best Employer of the Year" for the seventh consecutive year and was among top 10 of the country, which added a brilliant stroke to the group's blueprint of 2017. 

Wang Jianping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee, Head of the Organization Department and Human Resources Management Department of BAIC Group, attended the ceremony and delivered an acceptance speech as representative of the group. Wang Jianping said, "I particularly appreciate and agree with the comment of the Chairperson Chen Chunhua of the jury that the best employer is not only an honor and award, but more importantly, a requirement and responsibility of the time. BAIC Group will take this as a new starting point to comprehensively improve the efficiency of human resources management, care about the growth of the employees, rely on the employees to run the company well and shoulder the social responsibilities of the new era." 

Wang Jianping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee, Head of the Organization Department and Human Resources Management Department of BAIC Group, receives the award on the stage (first from the right) 

This award is the recognition of universities, industry peers and experts on BAIC Group's implementation of the "Talent Development Strategy" and active construction of the human resources management system. It can also effectively promote the "talent" to play an important role in BAIC Group's transformation from a traditional manufacturer to a service-oriented and innovative company and the Group Development 2.0. 

What is the "China's Best Employer Award"? 

"China's Best Employer Award" is the event that has firstly introduced "employer brands" to the mass communication platforms. As the most influential domestic competition, it was initiated by, China's leading career development platform, in association with the Institute of Social Science Survey (iSSS), Beijing University, with Chen Chunhua, Professor at the National School of Development at Peking University and Dean of the Beijing International MBA at Peking University as chairperson of the jury, is intended to select the top 100 employers from 17,554 registered enterprises through such processes as public nomination (30%), experts review (30%), HR jury voting (30%) and corporate qualification censorship (10%). 

This year's event has attracted 80% more registered enterprises and over 24.3 million raters, 6 times that in last year and creating a new record in history. And the "China's Best Employer Nationwide Top 30" awards are selected among the top 100 enterprises through corporate employee survey (60%), social public survey (20%), corporate HR management questionnaire (10%) and experts review (10%), targeting to select the best of the best. 

The election takes 6 employer brand indicators like Employer Culture, Employer Image, Organization Management, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development and Work Environment as well as other 18 tier-2 indicators as a comprehensive indicator system. And the nominees of the top 30 and even the top 10 all had outstanding performances in terms of the above indicators. The annual list of best employers is not only a summary of the enterprises' construction of employer brands, but also an effective reference for job seekers to find good employers and good jobs. 

How can BAIC become the a "best employer"? 

BAIC Group always adheres to the concept of "talent as the top resource of the enterprise" for the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talent. It takes talent development as an important task for the development of the group. And it gives priority to the development of human resources, the adjustment of the talent structure, the accumulation of human capital and the guarantee of talent investment. 

It is committed to building a human resource system that can attract talent, develop talent and motivate talent. It offers extensive channels for introducing talent worldwide such as "campus recruitment, overseas recruitment, special recruitment and headhunting recruitment". It pays attention to talent cultivation by providing employees with channels and platforms for growth. It has built a "four-level training platform" for new recruits, ordinary employees, middle managers and senior executives; It cooperates with world-renowned enterprises such as GE of USA, Daimler of Germany and Inalfa of the Netherlands to strengthen the cultivation of international talent, etc.; It has implemented the "Young Talent Training Program" to help strengthening the capacity of young talent. It keeps innovating in the talent incentive mechanism, exploring the reform of employee equity incentives and giving full play to the employees' subjective initiative; It has founded the "talent development foundation" and set up 6 talent awards like Outstanding Innovators to ensure sustainable input of talent to the construction of the talent team. 

In the future, BAIC Group will implement more positive and opener talent policy and compile a new chapter in the development of talent in which everyone is eager to become talent, everyone works hard, everyone can be talent and everyone can show his talents so as to provide a powerful core driving force for the strategic transformation of BAIC Group and its creation of the Group Development 2.0.