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Everyone seems to have a dog with a behavior or issue that they'd like to improve or change. While some of these may be simple and just need a guiding hand to teach some basic cues or manners, others may be much deeper or more complex, causing you to be frustrated, aggravated or even fearful of your canine companions. Don't give up, I'm here to help.

I work with all kinds of dogs from puppies to seniors; from dogs needing life skills to ‘damaged dogs’; dogs that are fearful, phobic or reactive (‘aggressive’); dogs that have been abused or neglected; dogs that are driving their owners crazy. These dogs are in our homes, shelters and rescues; they come in all breeds, shapes and sizes. They may have issues, their behaviors may be a challenge but the most important thing is that these dogs need help and I’m here to help.


Licensed and Endorsed by Victoria Stilwell


As a nationally accredited and certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), licensed and endorsed by Victoria Stilwell and a member of her Victoria Stilwell Positive Dog Training network (VSPDT) as well as a Best Friends Animal Society Community Training Partner and Recommended Trainer, I will only use force-free, pain-free, science based, trust building, positive reinforcement methods. Animal research continually proves that these methods archieve the most reliable, effective and longest lasting results. This also means that I will NOT use choke chains, prong collars, electric collars, leash corrections, hanging, hitting, kicking, slapping, physical force, alpha rolls, hollering, screaming, pack theory, pack leader or domination theory to teach.

We don't change using control, we incorporate positive behavior modification; we don't change using fear, we build and nurture trust; we don't change using obedience, we create a partnership; we don't change with force, we create a desire to learn. Build TRUST, TEACH Skills, CHANGE Behavior, ENJOY the Partnership


Podcast Interview with Sam Wike and Victoria Stilwell (after the discussion about cats)


    Does Your Dog ...

    Exhibit fearful, shy or guarding behavior?
    Yes. Tell me more

    Does Your Dog ...

    Exhibit reactive or ‘aggressive’ behavior to people or other dogs?
    Yes. Tell me more

    Does Your Dog ...

    Exhibit nuisance behaviors like jumping, mouthing, barking etc.?
    Yes. Tell me more

    Does Your Dog ...

    Show strange behaviors like tail chasing, chasing shadows or reflections etc.
    Yes. Tell me more

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, or your dog is exhibiting any other challenging behavior,
please don’t wait any longer, don’t let it get worse, let’s bring peace to you and your dog:




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Client Testimonials

"...We have learned so much from Sam about how our puppy thinks and why she does what she does.  She is two and a half now, and truly the best behaved, gentlest animal on earth.  Sam is the reason she is such a great dog.  He is extremely gentle, a phenomenal listener, and a sincere professional.  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest excellence, Sam is a 1,000,000."
Sally S. Oceanport, NJ

"I got a King Cavalier Spaniel, Baxter.  The problem was I am a spoiler in the true sense of the word.  If Baxter wanted to pull, he pulled.  If Baxter wanted to jump, he jumped.  So Sam had a duel problem, training the pup, and the owner.  I honestly don't know which was harder. I have never met (I have met several) a gentler, kinder or better trainer. ... Sam taught him manners, safety and kindness.  He is now a therapy dog and brings love and kindness to everyone he meets.  Sam taught me how to behave with him too.  Thank you Sam!  There is not a better person or trainer around.  I recommend him every chance I get."
Gail B., Red Bank, NJ

"Sam has and continues to be an invaluable resource to all my dog related needs. Whether it be guiding me through training with my first dog, answering questions and providing advice for mutliple foster dogs I have had, and being an amazing resource at the shelter where I volunteer. Sam is always available, always positive and his true passion for dogs always shines through. I am fortunate our paths crossed and I have learned and been inspired by him."
Dawn E. Red Bank, NJ

"Sam Wike provides invaluable insight into the rescue dogs we work with. At every step of the process, Sam shares his expertise, evaluating at shelters, speaking with fosters to decide a behavioral plan, and working with adopting families to insure their home is a forever home. There is something unique about watching Sam with a new family. Many trainers understand dog behavior, but Sam has a way of explaining that people like and UNDERSTAND. Sam's discussions of dog's body language leave people saying, "ohhhhh!! I didn't know!"  His work with families during the adoption process is our peace of mind....he is the BEST we can offer to our adopters and (most importantly) our dogs to insure that our dogs needs are understood, and the family is truly ready to welcome their newest member."
-Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue, Monmouth County, NJ

"I just wanted to check in with you and update you on Inky's progress. If you recall it was just about a year ago that you and the doctor came to my  home, and at that time Inky was still quite a troubled little boy. Since we last saw each other he has remained on his Prozac and he has made so much progress it's extraordinary.... I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how grateful we are for all your help, you helped us incorporate Inky into the family and flat out saved his life! I don't know what would have happened to him if we hadn't been able to make this work, but luckily we don't have to think about that..."
Karen G.



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Sam Wike (CPDT-KA, VSPDT) is a nationally accredited and certified professional dog trainer who is also licensed and endorsed by Victoria Stilwell, TV star of the Animal Planet hit show It's Me Or The Dog, and her select network of Victoria Stiwlell Positive Dog Trainers. Sam serves dog owners in Long Branch, Red Bank, Eatontown, Little SIlver, Rumson, Fair Haven, Middletown, Holmdel, Point Pleasant, Jackson, Howell, Monmouth-Ocean, & Middlesex Counties and throughout ALL of NJ.

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